Friends Lost 

This page is dedicated to brothers and sisters lost but not forgotten.

Kenny (Tanks) Smith  
1-16-54 to 4-28-00

Delbert (Ozone) Williams
4-19-46 to 12-28-00

Two very dear friends whose life was cut short by a 17 year old girl not paying attention to her driving and crossing the center line.
The accident happened just before Biketoberfest 2004, in Samsula, Florida.
Wake up America - - Driving is a serious responsibility!

Michael "Mikey" Raftery
April 10, 1956 - July 22, 2003
A loved one is a treasure of the heart, and to lose a loved one is like losing a piece of yourself. But the love Mikey brought to me did not leave, for the essence of his soul lingers. It cannot escape my heart, for it has been there forever.
Your Wife Forever "Kat"

Charles (Chuck) Lamb
January 12, 1981 - September 5, 2004
Chuck lost his life fighting for us in Iraq. He was one heck of a friend who would do anything for ya. He loved riding motorcycles and planned on getting a new bike when he got back.
We will miss him very much.

Marg Kelley
aka Magic sent this tribute in for two friends

Two good friends passed away in May this year three weeks apart. The first was one of my most favorite people in the world, Dave Brungot, President of the Road Kings MC out of Berlin, NH. Dave was a biker in every sense of the word. He was outspoken, outgrageous and a man everyone liked. He loved his community and often road his HD around in the snow in a Santa suit delivering presents to kids in need. He owned a bike shop and was a builder of custom bikes. He was funny, compassionate, had balls of steel and one of his favorite sayings was, "Drive fast.....take chances." I miss him.
David Brungot, Berlin, NH 1954 - 2004

Then, 3 weeks later, another good friend, Dave McGee died of a heart attack at age 44. I took him to the Last Resort on his first trip to Daytona and bought him his first "real" biker T-shirt in 2000. He was a big, burly red neck, opinionated, crude, but the most generous guy you could ever meet. Never married, no kids, he became a ridin' buddy. I'd known him since he was born. When I took him to the Iron Horse for the first time, I'll never forget him saying, "Gezus, Marg, it's like riding into a Mad Max movie!" That was Dave.
David McGee, Whitefield, NH
1960- 2004

Sharon Hunter...wife, mother and best friend...April 7, 1948 to August 16, 1977...Daytona Beach Florida

Reggie Keene...hell of a way to beat the charges old friend...1946 to 1983...Orlando Florida

Lewis "Buddy" went out on 2 wheels bossman...1949 to 1983...Orlando Florida

Roger Bilquest...ya proved the point bout Big Cats and little kittens...1946 to 1979...Orlando Florida

I'd like to pay tribute to my dad, Don Johnson, born Aug. 2, 1936 died Dec. 29, 2000. For as long as I can remember, dad owned motorcycles. The first one I can remember was an Indian. He loved his harley's, but eventually had to give them up as his circulation in his hands had gotten bad due to diabeties, and he traded his last harley in for a Valkyrie, which I now own. I have a web page that tells about dad, how I felt about my dad I would appreciate it if you would include on your web page my tribute to him. Dad belonged to A.B.A.T.E., was president of the Tri-Lakes Chapter in Water Valley, MS for several years (unfortunatly that chapter no longer exists), and GWRRA (since the valkyrie).
Thank you very much
Rhonda Burrowes

Dave Griffith 1969 - 2004
Dave was a friend I knew for 2 years but in that time became one of my best friends, his life was cut short by a 17 year old girl who wasn't paying attention and pulled out in front of him. luckily for Dave he never knew what hit him at 55 mph (I thank god for that at least). He will forever be in our hearts and minds and riding next to us on that screaming loud vtx for as long as we are on 2 wheels. Rest in peace good buddy and may the sun always shine on you as you tear up the streets! It won't be the same without you!   
A Friend

William (Wild Bill) Zehner
How do you describe in words completely how much someone means to you? Bill was my brother, my best friend, my best man, my savior, my party buddy, and my fishin' buddy. Life hasn't been the same since we lost him. Nothing makes sense anymore. He was a big hearted man, who'd tell it to you like it was, but if you were down on your luck he'd always gave you a place to sleep, and food in your gut. His death only proves that there is a reward in heaven for your efforts on earth.
Rest In Peace Bro!
Michael (Preacher) Zehner

My service brother Thomas Harold Melville DOD 09-08-2004 could no longer forget the war and took his own life.

The Vietnam war has no end does it?
It is true the dead are the only ones who see the end of it and now we have a whole new set of brothers?

Martin Twofeather - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

good morning,
My name is Venessa Simpson, mother of Charles Bernis Hays aka "SNAKE"...He is my son. I lost him on his motorcycle July 14, 2004. He was only 21 years old. A 78 year old idiot pulled out in front of him, never even looked.
Charlie was/is my best friend not only my son. Everyone loved Charlie! He loved to fish and would skip school to go deer hunting. ( I often found him asleep in his deer stand) HE didn't think Mom knew wher his stand was! LOL
He was a woman's man too...women just fell at his feet! HE was so handsome and his personality matched his good looks. HE LOVED PEOPLE!
At the tme of his death he was teaching little kids archery at the YMCA and was waitnig for college to start at Virginia TEch. HE wanted to work as a Forest Ranger.
I miss him every day and I can't live without him sometimes. I had just buried his 21 year old brother August 2000..
After Charlie's death, I had a massive heart attack while riding for the first time since he died. I am unable to work and I haven't been able to buy either of them a head stone. There aren't any bikers around in Covington, its a small town in Georgia.
If you have any suggestions in some help for 2 men that loved their lives, their bikes, and their women, please, send me some info, I WILL BEG FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no is a pic of charlie and his bike he died on.......
Venessa Simpson
(706) 819 8374
4165 Phedora St. NE
Covingon, GA. 30014

This is my sister Jane. As a bright and rebellious teenager she got herself a 200cc Lambretta scooter, which really was way too fast and heavy for a young girl. On a wet day in July 1968, before the time crash helmets became mandatory here in England, and with no other vehicle involved in the accident, she took her final ride.
I'm now 51, and I've been a biker for over seven years. My mother still lives close by, in our small town, but to this day she still doesn't know I have two beautiful Harleys in my garage. If I can, I'll keep it from her forever; it would worry her too much if she knew I was a biker, remembering that terrible day in 1968.
I never saw Jane grow up, but I think of her every time I throw my leg over the Harley and take to the road.
God bless you Jane.
Never forgotten.

Nigel - Hampshire County, England

Tony "TINO" Sanchetta.
More than a friend, he was a mentor and a brother. Born 1948 taken too soon in 1993. You are missed Tino and are forever in my thoughts as I ride down the Highways of life and of California... Wish we coulda' taken one last ride together!
See you 'round amigo-

I lost a very special and dear first cousin September 29, 2008.
Yes, he was a biker, and had attended Harley Davidson School in Arizona.
He was working on his bike in his garage on this day, thought he got over heated but he lie down on his bed and never woke up, they say he died of heart disease, I guess he didn't know he was sick for his mother with whom he lived with wasn't aware of any illness.
He was born on Febuary 1, 1952 in Lapeer, Michigan
Tim enjoyed life to its fullest.
Linda Shaw,also a Harley Davidson biker at the age of 58!!!

I got seperated from my Brother on August 10, 2007. We were both fighting cancer around that time. I won, he lost.  Since 1973 we have had several Harleys between us yet we never got to ride together...until now.  Bless you Gregg for all you taught me and all that I remember. I'll see you in the next world and I won't be late.

I lost my brother in law April 17, 2009 in El Paso IL,
A driver of a mini van decided it wasn't important to look to see if anything was coming. His daughter was on the back. She survived she is 14, but he didn't. He would have been 43 this year. His nickname was Barney, He had a purple harley that he was very proud of. He always had a smile on his face and a prankster way about him that made him the person he was.

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